Relaxing Treatments

Deep Tissue to Very Therapeutic Body Treatments


Whether you are looking for a soothing, gentle and thorough massage that can help reduce emotional and physical stress, or a treatment that helps with chronic tension through slow, deliberate strokes of deep pressure on contracted muscles, or something in between, embellish offers many treatment options for men and women. All massage packages include Aveda Aromatherapy and we suggest also adding hot stones to allow for a deeper relaxation of your body.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Lighter touch massage, effleurage with intention to improve circulation and sense of well being with all over stress relief. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 30 Minutes $50.00

  • 60 Minutes $75.00

  • 90 Minutes $100.00

  • Hot Stone Focus add on $15.00-$20.00, Reflexology to feet add on $20.00

Deep Tissue Massage 

More firm massage with heavier pressure that can target specific chronic sights of pain and trigger points. Great for athletes and everyone who suffers day to day from over exhaustion and mental fatigue. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 30 Minutes $55.00

  • 60 Minutes $85.00

  • 90 Minutes $110.00

  • Hot Stone Focus add on $15.00-$20.00, Reflexology to feet add on $20.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage  

Very relaxing and warming. Helps to increase circulation, improves energy flow and improves over all sense of well-being. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 75 Minutes $100.00

Stress Fix

The best of all worlds! To invoke feelings of calm and to help relieve anxiety. This massage involves deep tissue for neck, shoulders and forearms. Swedish relaxation massage everywhere else and reflexology to the feet. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 75 Minutes $115.00

All Massage Packages Include

Aveda Aromatherapy 

Chakra Balancing Massage

Guided meditation that includes deep-tissue massage, foot reflexology and introducing the client to their energy points. Seven Chakra scents help clear the energy pathway for personal growth. Through the Chakra massage you can connect to these aspects and move toward balance, health and well-being. This also involves reflexology to the feet. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 75 Minutes $115.00

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage cannot be performed in the first trimester of your pregnancy and requires a Doctors release form to perform this service. This massage starts with the neck first at a slight incline, then lying on side to side targets the back and hips. Aveda Aromatherapy included.

  • 30 Minutes $45.00

  • 60 Minutes $65.00

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